Gabriel Cajina


Glendale, CA


During the Paleolithic, humans first initiated making life depictions on caves and animal skins; then came the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans which advanced more towards the use of many hues through organic and mineral resources as well as the use of architectural constructions methods such as pyramids, temples, columns,theaters, and aqueducts, thus accentuating the arrival of modern advances in architecture and engineering; lastly the Renaissance germinated great masters of art like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Giotto Di Bondone, and other personages who revolutionized the Fine Arts towards modernity. Art comes in different shapes and sizes, colors and tones, emotions and physiognomies. It is the interpreter of the world around us in many ways. Throughout the ages it has captivated the world and its inhabitants. I've been drawing and painting since my late childhood. Aside from receiving some formal training in the field, I'm mostly autodidact. Throughout time I've experimented with many mediums, but became attached to oils, colored pencils, and soft pastels; currently I'm experimenting with watercolors as well as ink and marker. Most of my depictions are based on stories, places, traditions, legends, and human emotions. I also do animals, traditional landscapes, and still life. I currently do freelance work and plan on becoming more mainstream in the future.
I was born in Managua, Nicaragua surrounded by family and puerile friends as myself. Life in my country of birth was sort of rural and a bit bucolic with the fact that it had that village-like sensation from dawn till dusk. I was raised and brought up, however, in Washington D.C here in the United States. Currently I reside in Glendale, CA. When art started becoming more and more prevalent within me--since then for some reason I've been paying more scrutiny to my atmospheric surroundings including time of day, types of clouds whether lenticular, cumulonimbus, cirrus, or stratus; the light being reflected on surfaces, reflections on wet streets and puddles, the types of leaves and shades on the flora,etc. I aim for my projects to be educational and sometimes realistic. Art, whether traditional or digital, will always have an impact on the social and emotional aspect of human thought and lifestyle.


The Way North by Gabriel Cajina


No Way Out by Gabriel Cajina


Awaiting Punishment by Gabriel Cajina


Vlad's Domain by Gabriel Cajina


Loss by Gabriel Cajina


In Mavalipurma by Gabriel Cajina


The Acropolis by Gabriel Cajina


Land of Pharaohs by Gabriel Cajina


The Holy City by Gabriel Cajina


Our National Bird by Gabriel Cajina


Strength by Gabriel Cajina


Slow and Steady by Gabriel Cajina


Prying Eyes by Gabriel Cajina


Love by Gabriel Cajina


Beauty by Gabriel Cajina


Deceitful by Gabriel Cajina


Healthy by Gabriel Cajina


Sublimity by Gabriel Cajina


Commotion by Gabriel Cajina


Freezing Temperatures by Gabriel Cajina


Romantic by Gabriel Cajina


The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus by Gabriel Cajina


The Pharos of Alexandria by Gabriel Cajina


Exploration by Gabriel Cajina


Geology and Mineralogy by Gabriel Cajina


The Effects of Time by Gabriel Cajina


An Arab Dominion by Gabriel Cajina


Utensia by Gabriel Cajina


A Coral Kingdom by Gabriel Cajina


A Mushroom Kingdom by Gabriel Cajina


A Sweet Sight by Gabriel Cajina


The Windmill by Gabriel Cajina


In Icy Depths by Gabriel Cajina